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Federal, State, and local Good Samaritan Laws support early intervention during emergency situations and we encourage organizations to properly train key personnel and an appropriate number of employees in order to maximize liability protection.  Today, having the lifesaving skills and knowledge to save a life has never been easier to acquire.  Life Support Solutions aims to make CPR & AED training easy and effective.

As an American Heart Association (AHA) Certified Training Site, our nationwide network of Instructors conduct classes using the highest level of standards set by the AHA.  Our hands-on approach to teaching ensures that the lifesaving skills learned translate seamlessly into an actual emergency.

Our AHA Instructors
Our network of AHA-certified Instructors is nationwide and consists of trained professionals that have emergency responder backgrounds such as firefighters, emergency medical technicians, and paramedics.  Our training methods are hands-on and simulate the various scenarios that may be encountered during an actual emergency.  Life Support Solutions is privileged to have such dedicated educators and thanks them for their eagerness to serve and share their lifesaving knowledge.  Each of our Instructor affiliates possesses:

Mastery of knowledge and skills: All Instructors have mastered all of the lifesaving skills for the courses they teach. 

Professionalism: Instructors maintain high standards for ethics and professionalism when teaching AHA courses. 

Expert Course Delivery: Our hands-on approach to educating, as well as our encouragement of questioning and healthy dialogue, support effective learning.