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  • On-site training alleviates the scheduling and logistical challenges of sending employees off-site
  • No maximum head count restrictions - we specialize in training large groups and organizations
  • Classes are never longer than 5 hours
  • Our nationwide network of AHA Instructors makes training available Statewide and Nationwide
  • Training is available 7 days a week
  • We have a 95% Customer-retention rate
  • If your company has AEDs, we can train your employees specifically for the AEDs you have. If your company does not have AEDs, we can implement an AED management and maintenance program
  • We are the preferred CPR vendor for industry leaders

·Mid Pacific Institute


·Rengo Packaging

·American Savings Bank

·Webco Hawaii

·Tropic Fish Hawaii



·Commercial Roofing & Waterproofing

·Mid Pacific Steel

·Ameron Hawaii

·Makani Kai Helicopters

Federal, State, and local Good Samaritan Laws support early intervention during emergency situations and we encourage organizations to properly train key personnel and an appropriate number of employees in order to maximize liability protection. Today, having the lifesaving skills and knowledge to save a life has never been easier to acquire. Life Support Solutions aims to make CPR/AED training easy and effective.